Aradia Fitness Testimonial

“One evening a friend grabbed my arm and begged me to go with her to a new fitness class she wanted to try. I was a little sceptical when she told me that we were going to try pole dancing, not because it didn’t sound fun, but because I was just over 300 pounds at the time, and not exactly the picture of a sexy pole dancer.

When I first walked into class with my yoga gear, I was not surprised to find that I was the biggest girl in the class, but I also noted that the class was filled with women of all kinds of body types and ages. There was a huge amount of diversity, but everyone was smiling, and everyone was nervous for different reasons, not the least of which was that no one in the room had every tried something like this.

The workout was challenging, hysterically fun, and the instructors were so supportive! I hadn’t always been so physically unfit, and in the past I’ve done weightlifting, belly dancing, aerobic classes and other activities, and I can say that hands down, I’ve never been in such a supportive workout environment.

Feeling sexy and attractive really hadn’t been on the agenda for a long time, and I wasn’t sure that adding ‘sweaty’ to the mix would make it much easier. The first few classes were full of giggling as we tried to focus on doing ‘sexy pushups’, but as the class progressed, and we were spinning on the pole, and crawling around on the floor, I really started to feel the sexy side of me coming out and I found it very motivating. The workout is hard, exhilarating, and amazingly fun, and there is nothing quite like a workout that doubles as a self esteem boost.

I am the first to admit that at my weight, there were a few things that I could not physically do, but that didn’t stop me from trying. The instructors gave me exercises I could do at home so I could get stronger and finally do the harder spins that eluded me for so long. I found that having the goal of being able to do harder and harder moves on pole really motivated me to work harder, stay positive, and enjoy my sexy side.

I am now 100 pounds lighter, and very strong. I can flip upside down on the pole and do a handstand before gently lowering myself back to the floor. I have a pole in my living room which provides no end of amusement to my friends and family, and I have recommended Aradia Fitness to a number of my friends.

When I first walked in, I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in, and wouldn’t be able to do the workout because of my weight, but the extremely supportive workout environment, the focus on fun, and the attitude from the school that all women are sexy no matter what their body type really motivated me to change my life.”

– Mary Flint